Star Simpson’s Judgement Day

1212431199The sentence for the latest wacky college student to cause a bomb scare in the city of Boston has been handed down. MIT student Star Simpson was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service and write a letter of apology for her September trip to the airport while wearing an LED display on her hoodie.

Hey, works for us. At the time, we called for her to get community service while the Herald’s commenters lamented she hadn’t been shot by the police on the spot. It’s also a similar sentence to the one given to Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens after the Aqua Teen Hunger Force kerfuffle.

Star seems to be doing fine. Her website has a dedicated section for her legal wranglings, and even has a sort of short-form blog. While she “can’t really talk about it,” she does helpfully give any other LED-wearing travelers advice on the area’s other airports.

To the curious: the most convenient airport from Massachusetts besides Logan is Providence. . . . It costs around $36 to get to Providence ($6 commuter rail, $30 cab ride to the airport), but the flights are the cheapest.

She’s a fashionista and a travel guru. Is there anything this woman can’t do?