More Problems on the Longfellow Bridge

When reports started to surface that the Big Dig was riddled with leaks, my grandmother refused to visit my cousin as long as he lived in Revere.

“You need scuba gear to go through that thing,” she declared. “I won’t do it.”

1212592143I’m beginning to think I might take her advice and pack a snorkel and a parachute for my trips over the Longfellow Bridge. Not only is it possibly not up to the task of handling spectators this July 4, but the MBTA is now hastily repairing faulty rail ties on the Red Line tracks on the bridge, according to the Cambridge Chronicle.

Holy crap.

MBTA officials say the Red Line’s railroad ties that extend over the Longfellow Bridge are in such bad shape, they need to be replaced immediately.

Last Thursday, trains were ordered to slow down over the bridge after crews found the ties “exhibited signs of deterioration,” said T spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

So we should assume the crash position as our Red Line train slowly creeps over the Charles, just to be safe, right?

Pesaturo stressed the tracks are in good condition and the slowdown of the trains has been taken as a precautionary measure.

Yeah. Just like the lane restrictions, the reinforcing of the bridge’s beams, and the stress tests on the sidewalks. There are so many “precautions” happening on that span that we don’t know how officials come out and say everything’s hunky-dory with a straight face anymore.