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1217334735Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: As Bay State motorists cut back on driving, the state isn’t earning as much money off the gas tax, which in turn leaves less funds to fix the Smart Car-swallowing potholes. [Globe]

But at least some people are still driving regularly: There are 65 MBTA employees who have agency vehicles available to use 24/7. This costs the MBTA a whopping $16,650 per month in gas alone. [Herald]

Better hold off on that back to school shopping, kids: The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority has announced it has no money to loan to college students this year, just as tuition bills are due. [Globe]

Speaking of debt: The Senate thought it had resolved the Turnpike Authority’s financial issues without sacrificing the state’s credit rating, but language in the Turnpike’s loans won’t allow the state to basically take over the agency should it go bankrupt. If you’ve got any ideas on how to solve this, now is the time to let your representatives know. [Herald]