Beacon Hill Fight Club

We know times are hard for everyone right now, but there comes a point in one’s working life where the strain of the job just isn’t worth the paycheck. We thought Rep. Jennifer Callahan may have met that threshold back in May, when another House member told her he could “really hurt [her] if [he] wanted to.”

1218116025Now, only a few months after her first run-in, Callahan says she and her constituents are being threatened by wannabe House Speaker Robert DeLeo.

Instead of threatening her physical well-being, Callahan says Ways and Means committee chairman DeLeo blocked funding for a mill redevelopment project in her district because she refused to support his bid for Speaker. DeLeo essentially tells Callahan to stop whining, issuing a statement explaining that her district received $460,000 in the budget.

But the Herald has the kicker.

“It is my sincere hope that this unproductive form of politicking can end, so that I and other elected leaders can concentrate on serving our districts and the people of Massachusetts,” DeLeo said in a statement.

Yes, let’s get back to the productive form of politicking that will unseat Sal DiMasi help the hardworking people of Massachusetts.

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