Mitt Romney’s Wait Is Almost Over

1219173558It feels like we’ve been waiting to hear whether Mitt Romney will be America’s Next Top Republican Running Mate for longer than the former governor actually held office. The rumblings started back in March, and the endless cycle of will he, won’t he news stories caused us to lose hours of sleep and plaintively wail to the heavens.

But our long national nightmare may soon be over. Politico reports that John McCain will choose his running mate on August 29, and that our boy Mitt is still in the running.


It seems that the Republican nominee might be celebrating his 72nd (wow) birthday by sharing a stage at Ohio’s Ervin J. Nutter Center the prettiest Mormon of them all.

Senior Republicans are in the dark about who he’ll name, although they say former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty are prime contenders after a trial balloon by McCain gave him very negative feedback about the idea of picking an abortion-rights running mate such as Tom Ridge, the former governor of Pennsylvania and the first secretary of homeland security.

Politico isn’t the only outlet giving us hope that Romney will share a ticket with McCain. Minnesota Public Radio (via PolitickerMA) reports that Time magazine’s Mark Halperin said that Romney is “the lead option” during an appearance in Virginia yesterday, citing his experience on the national stage.

We’re marking our calendars and putting the champagne on ice, because we’re ready to celebrate.

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