Disabled, Not Disabled

It seems that everyone has had a hard time comprehending the meaning of the word “disabled” lately. Since Boston Daily hopes to better the world, we’d like to play a little game we just invented. We call it Disabled, Not Disabled, and we hope it will foster a greater meaning of the word.

Disabled: Judge Ernest Murphy
Finally, the judge who wrote threatening letters to Herald owner Pat Purcell admits he’s not OK. In an order released today, Murphy admits his post-traumatic stress disorder has “totally disabled” him, and that will resign from the bench. Presumably, he’ll be spending more time in Saratoga Springs.

Not Disabled: Albert Arroyo
First he was. Now he isn’t. He looked fine sauntering into his hearing yesterday. We say get back to work.

Disabled: Mike Lowell
Yes, the silver fox is still on the 15-day DL. But he won’t be categorized as disabled for long—he’s rehabbing in Florida.

Not Disabled: Kevin Youkilis
The dude is on fire. Maybe it’s because of the beard.

Disabled: Kai Leigh Harriott
This Dorchester girl was paralyzed by a bullet in 2003. She famously went on to forgive the man that shot her.

Not Disabled: Gerald Hamelburg
Remember this guy? The Globe delighted a bunch of stressed-out law firm employees by publishing the news that he (allegedly) used his dead mother’s handicapped placard to score prime parking space near the office.

We hope this clears it up a little.