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1219173558Might Joe Biden have cost Mitt Romney the veep-stakes? Now that John McCain’s campaign is using old footage of Biden lambasting Barack Obama in its ads, pundits say it would be a huge risk for the Republican candidate to buddy up with the former governor, whom McCain relentlessly attacked during the primaries. [Andrew Sullivan]

Spike Lee says the wrong thing: The director compares the jubilation of Barack Obama’s supporters to the Patriots. “Let’s not be like the New England Patriots. What were they 18 and 0? They thought they’d make history, so they didn’t.” Ouch. [NY Sun via Seth Gitell]

Where will hungover BC kids catch movies now? National Amusement’s Circle Cinemas in Cleveland Circle will close on September 7. [Universal Hub]

Don’t sell! Don’t sell! The median price of a single-family home in Massachusetts dropped $45,000 from July 2007, making it the steepest drop in prices since the Warren Group started tracking the value of local homes in 1987. [WBZ]

And here’s what Bostonista and Chowder have for you.

Can you wear white after Labor Day? The results of our office poll are in, and they may surprise you.

Starbucks’ lucky Clover: The coffee company debuts the latest coffee-brewing technology and small-batch beans in Boston today.

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