Spanning the Web

Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1219862771A new contestant in the Republican veep-stakes? Some local conservatives want Newt Gingrich on the ticket with John McCain. Friday can not come fast enough. [Red Mass Group]

Drew Bledsoe loses out. Again: The former Patriots quarterback is suing UBS for allegedly not disclosing that the founder of Pay to Touch, the company Bledsoe invested in through the bank, had a criminal past. [TMZ]

They’re baaaack: The moving trucks are beginning to show up in Allston. Which means it’s time to guess when the first U-Haul gets ripped to shreds on the Storrow Drive overpass. [Allston-Brighton TAB Blog, Universal Hub]

John Kerry looks back: The Massachusetts senator says he never had a moment at the 2004 convention where the enormity of the event sunk in. Which is especially tough now that he’s fielding questions about earmarks from old people in Lawrence. [PolitickerMA]

And here’s what Chowder has for you.

How soon is too soon? Our first visit to Marliave has us pondering food critique in the age of the Internet.

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