The Mitt Romney-Blair Waldorf Connection

1219173558It’s kind of sad how much politics reminds us of Gossip Girl.

If you haven’t seen this genius program, it features a gaggle of wealthy teenagers from New York and their various exploits, which are chronicled by an anonymous blogger. At the end of the first season of the show, Blair Waldorf barely keeps her position as the leader of the popular clique after a challenge from Jenny Humphrey.

Which brings us to Mitt Romney’s adventures in Colorado.

Much like Blair, our boy Mitt is shrewdly using Gossip Girl the media to his advantage. Today’s local headlines were supposed to belong solely to Gov. Deval Patrick, but we see Romney peering out as us from the front pages of both the Herald and the Globe.

Why? Because he crashed the Democrats’ party, just like the time Blair showed up to a fete Jenny was throwing for her then-closeted boyfriend. And much like Blair, Romney did his best to inflict as much damage to the Dems’ message as possible while promoting himself.

Asked how many houses he owned – in light of Democrats lampooning McCain for not being able to say last week how many he had – Romney responded, “one less than John Kerry,” holding up four fingers.

Using real estate to discuss one’s readiness for a given task? That’s a move straight out of the Blair Waldorf playbook.

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