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1219927583It’s finally, really over: After a long and contentious primary battle, Hillary Clinton released her delegates to Barack Obama. He’ll accept the nomination tonight. [Globe]

Just Biden his time: Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, has a lot of wealthy friends in Massachusetts. The Bay State should prove quite the cash cow for the ticket, since local liberals have donated generously to the Obama campaign. [Herald]

That could buy a whole lot of pot: Liberal activist George Soros donated $400,000 of the $429,000 needed to help put an initiative that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana on the November ballot. A Soros associate says the activist donated so much because he believes “marijuana should not be a priority of the criminal justice system.” [Globe]

Gov. Patrick’s strange bedfellows: Republican legislators were responsible for upholding several Patrick vetoes during the last year. Together we can! [Herald]