New Kids on the Block: Not Loving Each Other Forever?

1220385446Bands that have been broken up for a long time often have a rough start when they get back together. When the Police reunited last year, Stuart Copeland wrote on his website that the second show of the group’s reunion tour was “ubeLIEVably [sic] lame.”

We hoped that the New Kids on the Block would avoid the reunion drama. But it seems that all is not well within the group, and they haven’t even started touring yet.

The New York Post reports that the release party for The Block felt “more like a second breakup.” While Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, and Danny Wood enjoyed the festivities, the tabloid claims Donnie Wahlberg showed up an hour late and barely interacted with fans or his bandmates. Jordan Knight didn’t attend the party at all, reportedly because he’s under the weather.

We don’t know what Donnie’s problem was, but it certainly wasn’t concern over poor album sales. Despite the absence of screaming hoards at Newbury Comics earlier this week, The Block is selling well, and may finish in the Billboard Top 5.

You can see the boy band interact in person at tomorrow’s Meet and Greet at the Faneuil Hall Newbury Comics. Will Donnie still be pouting? Does Jordan really have the sniffles? You can line up starting at 5 a.m. (ugh) and find the answers to all these burning questions.

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