Julie Donaldson Gets Back to Work

1217514958When news broke that WHDH sports reporter Julie Donaldson had allegedly been abused by her SlamBall-playing boyfriend, we expected the worst. Ivan Lattimore proclaimed his love for Donaldson from his jail cell, and reported that he and his then-girlfriend had made a sex tape. It had all the makings of an ugly, protracted legal battle.

But Lattimore took a deal on Friday, and Donaldson will return to work tomorrow.

In exchange for pleading guilty to four counts of assault, Lattimore will serve a year in jail with credit for time already served and the possibility of parole in 90 days. After his release, he’ll face five years of probation.

But what’s really surprising is that the News Station stood by its embattled reporter. The station did not issue a statement of support after Lattimore’s dangerousness hearing, which seemed a little cold. Donaldson also admitted she’d been drinking heavily in the hours before the attack, and after the Randi Goldklank incident, we figured the station would be hesitant to hold on to troubled talent.

With Lattimore in jail and Donaldson returning to work tomorrow, it’s the happiest ending this sordid story could have.

Photo from WHDH.com