Vice Presidential Postmortem

1223043235Both our local papers celebrate the fact that Sarah Palin didn’t run off the stage crying after the VP debate last night. The Herald exclaims, “Palin Passes.” On the editorial page, the Globe says, “For Palin, catastrophe averted.” Yay, democracy!
We don’t allow high school kids in Massachusetts to graduate high school with mediocre MCAS scores. Shouldn’t we expect more than basic competency from the people who may one day lead the country?

Although she looked like a scared Chihuahua at points, Palin kept her composure, and Joe Biden kept the smugness in check. But did either of them actually say anything? I admit I was a couple of beers in, but I didn’t hear much of substance.

But this is all in the eye of the beholder. If you were pre-disposed to think that Palin is a small-town rube in way over her head, then she did little to change your elitist mind, gosh darnit. Conversely, if you are of the mind that regular folks needs to clean up Washington then she was speaking your language, doggone it.

So, Palin passed, and Biden didn’t look like a jackass. All we got was this wicked hangover.