John Kerry is Gutless

In the past few days, as President Obama prepared his primetime address on drawing down troops in Afghanistan, Senator John Kerry encouraged him to fight still more wars. That’s the only way to read Kerry’s and Senator John McCain’s new bill, which would retroactively justify Obama’s, and the country’s, involvement in Libya.

John Kerry

John Kerry's new bill would retroactively justify U.S. involvement in Libya. Photography by utbriancl.

This complicity is a big deal because, over in the House, representatives of both parties are demanding that Obama seek Congressional approval for the U.S.’s involvement in Libya. For them, “involvement” is too tame a word. War is more like what’s happening in Libya. And, the reps reason, only Congress can declare war.

Congressman Mike Capuano believes so strongly that Obama’s in the wrong here that he’s filed a lawsuit against him. Last week, I pointed out what an astute political move Capuano’s suit would be among progressives and Constitution-loving independents, especially as Capuano considers a run for Senate against Scott Brown. Of course, Capuano’s suit is more than that. It is also a politician placing his ideals above his party.

John Kerry wouldn’t deign to place himself in such a situation. He’s appeasing the president at the expense of the Constitution.

Marquee photograph by the Center for American Progress Action Fund