Daily Feed: BC Alumni = Best Credit Card Spenders

For College Credit Cards, BC Alumni = Most Effective Spenders. The 597 card holders are at least learning how to spend by the time commencement rolls around. [Forbes.com]

Menino Gets Props from HuffPo for Giving Walmart the Finger. So what if it’s written by a guy who looks like he belongs on an infomercial? [HuffingtonPost.com]

Cambridge, Seaport District Top City’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods for Renters. Charlestown, the Downtown Waterfront, and the Financial District also made the list. [BizJournals.com]

Children’s Hospital Pediatrician Taking Heat for Obesity Stance. Boston Children’s Hospital’s Dr. David Ludwig, who co-authored an opinion that the state could intervene in cases of obese children, says that the article was meant to “promote a dialogue on childhood obesity.” Mission accomplished. [Reuters.com]

Wordstream Figures Out Google Keywords That Bring in the Most Money. Whether a Google user is looking to protect it money (“insurance”), get it (“mortgage,” “loans,”), or give it away (“donate”), Boston-based Wordstream ranks the top 20 keywords that bring in the most bank for multi-billion dollar Google AdWords — and the majority of them are money-related. [WickedLocal.com]

Marquee image by Paula Stephens/123rf