Daily Feed: Sal DiMasi Was 'Set Up' by Casino Forces, Wife Claims

Sal DiMasi’s Wife: Former Speaker Was ‘Set Up’ By Casino Forces. “He was the only man standing in the way of the casino industry, and they wanted him out. If he had passed casinos, I don’t think this would have happened,” Deborah DiMasi, referring to her husband’s eight-year sentence that will begin at the end of the month for conspiracy, fraud, and extortion. [WCVB]

Boston, Others Look to New York Occupy Raid to ‘Energize’ Movement. But one protester at Occupy Boston, considered one of the largest encampments in the country, said he went home to get a helmet after watching the New York raids, “just in case.” [New York Times]

Russell Simmons Speaks to Occupy Boston Wearing Yankees Hat. The hip-hop mogul gave a mic check before his remarks, which included the vague announcement of a Constitutional amendment in the works that would ban corporate financing of elections and require all federal elections to be publicly funded. But, come on, corporations are people, too. [YouTube]

David Ortiz is Still Up for Grabs. Though the Red Sox are making him an offer, Big Papi is happy to sit back and let them match bids from other teams. Then it’ll be up to the Sox to figure out just how much — financially, that is — they want to shell out to keep the soon-to-be-36-year-old star. [WCVB]

Apparently, People Lie More on the Internet than Face-to-Face. At least according to a study out from UMass Amherst. We’re shocked. Shocked! [TG Daily]