Super Bowl: It's Prediction Time!

I know exactly what you’re thinking: I absolutely CANNOT even think about watching the Super Bowl until I have Boston magazine’s official Best of Boston(™) Super Bowl(™) Prediction (sure, ™). I agree. But why stop at one? Here are a slew of prognostications:

1. Bill Belichick will wear his grey hoodie. I know, I know, not exactly stepping out on a ledge here. But four years ago in Glendale he wore that awful blood red sweatshirt and look what happened. He’s promised not to wear red again, but as all Belichick watchers know, he doesn’t break out the trademark grey hoodie for just any occasion. He’s only worn it once during a Super Bowl, against the Eagles. The Patriots, of course, won that one.

2. The Gronkle will be fine. Shut up already about it. Yo soy tobillo.

3. Peyton Manning’s medical situation will not be resolved by the end of the game either. Just a hunch.

4. Obviously, the key for the Pats will be neutralizing the Giants defensive line’s ferocious pass rush, so don’t be surprised if Brady and co. go no huddle for much of the game — maybe all of it — to try to tucker the Giants d-line out. If New England can mix in some good runs to keep the G-men on their heels, it could be the recipe for success. Speaking of …

5. The Patriots will run it a lot more than you think they will. The Giants were 19th in the league this year in rushing yards allowed per game. So look for the Law Firm, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, to get plenty of carries. Handing the ball off is a a great way to keep a pass rush honest, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a lot of short stuff in space to Danny Woodhead either.

6. Bob Kraft will get more television shots than the Manning family. This was a tough one, but I think the extra pub from the Sports Illustrated cover ought to push our man Kraft over the edge. Also, if the Pats win, Kraft’s trophy acceptance speech will be memorized in advance. That’s always been my favorite, underrated thing about Kraft: he clearly writes out and memorizes his victory speeches. Seriously, go back and watch the old ones.

7. And finally, the score: Patriots 31, Giants 20. The Pats offense is simply too good right now to be shut down by anything other than Tom Brady having a bad game. That happened two weeks ago against Baltimore and New England still won. Do you really think Brady is going to play two bad games in a row? Me neither. Prepare the Duck Boats!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good Super Bowl snack, try an energy bar. Works for Gronk.