Campaigning with the 1 Percent

Mitt Romney wants you to think he’s just like you. Need proof? Just look at those high-waisted dad jeans coupled with that blazer! It’s almost like you could see yourself sitting down to a beer with the former governor, that is, if the beer is served from a crystal chalice and the bar overlooks Pebble Beach.

But in a couple of gaffe-prone recent weeks, Romney is looking less like the guy you’d want to drink a beer with (conditions notwithstanding) and more like the guy who owns the beer company. Latest example: The partial list of hotels he has spent time in during the campaign season. Of course it was only a matter of time until some joker found his way to a campaign spending report and a Pinterest page, but this is how Romney spends his nights.

It’s just like most Americans — all you need to do is swap adjectives like “luxurious,” “grandest,” and “boutiqu(est)” with “cheap,” “private bathroom,” and “by the Interstate,” and there you go. Then again, even robots need to recharge.