20 Zingers That Aren't About Tom Brady Dressing Like a Newsie

20 Zingers That Aren’t About Tom Brady Dressing Like a Newsie. … but are inspired by the same newsboy cap, thick-rimmed glasses, and cardigan Brady wore at the opening of the rag & bone store on Newbury Street over the weekend. This pic didn’t catch that he was also wearing a pair of Uggs. (21, count it.) [Bleacher Report]

Don’t Look at This New York Post Cover If You’re Still Angry About the Red Sox. You’ve been warned. [TwitPic]

The Ripple Effect of Nonstop Service Between Boston and Tokyo. Businesses in Boston are preparing for the potential influx of Japanese tourists now that Tokyo is just a 13-hour nonstop flight away. Some North End restaurants are stocking Japanese menus and offering smaller portions, clothing retailers are carrying international sizing charts, and hotels are hiring Japanese-speaking personnel to help tourists navigate the city … and get Sox tickets. [WBUR]

MBTA Commuter Rail Will Get Mobile Ticketing This Fall. Commuter rail tickets and passes will be available to passengers via iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry apps, a leap and a jump from when more than half of Commuter Rail stations don’t have fare vending machines. [NECN]

This Guy Wants Massachusetts to Secede from the Union. Mark Baisley says Massachusetts is obsolete, and then piles on the scorn and loathing: “Only citizens who have lost their gratitude for the sacrifices made by the purchasers of their freedom would so reliably vote against the principles that those historical figures fought for. So, I say we let them live their corrupt socialist utopia in isolation. No tax subsidies from the rest of us and no influence on the electoral college from them.” [TownHall.com]