The Toughest State Government Job You'll Ever Love

Interested in public policy? And I mean real public policy, not the Twitter-Blogosphere-Message war of campaigns, but the nuts and bolts of how government provides services, allocates resources, and implements changes (or at least tries to).

If so, I’d point you in the direction of the Fiscal Policy Analyst positions now open at the state’s budget office (the Executive Office of Administration and Finance for those proper name sticklers).

These positions, although not hugely compensated, put you in the catbird seat for overseeing how state spending (a complex and multifaceted thing) is done at specific state agencies. You get exposure to various state agencies and programs, developing a pretty deep understanding in a short time and (one hopes) becoming the Administration’s in-house expert during periods of budget development and oversight.

So, if you’ve got an interest in how the real world works (and not the political scrum), get your resume sharpened up and apply.