Six New England States Rank Last in Philanthropy Survey

Six New England States Rank Last in Philanthropy Survey. The Chronicle of Philanthropy just released its report “How America Gives,” and it looks like New England is the nation’s stingiest region when it comes to making philanthropic contributions. Coming in at the tail end of the rankings are Connecticut (No. 46), Alaska (No. 47), Massachusetts (No. 48), Vermont (No. 49), Maine (No. 50), and New Hampshire (No. 51). Yikes. [ | Christian Science Monitor]

Curt Schilling: Rhode Island Governor ‘a Dunce of Epic Proportions.’ Over the weekend, Schilling took to Twitter, the favorite tool of anyone who’s facing a public meltdown, to call out Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee. “If the state loses money it’s because the Governor is a dunce of epic proportions, nothing I can do about that,” Schilling tweeted on Saturday. Schilling continued to unleash his opinion on the demise of 38 Studios today: “… So much of the story has NOT come out, which is tragic for both the RI Taxpayers and the people and families of 38.” [GoLocalProv | Twitter]

Deval Patrick to Speak at Democratic National Convention. Governor Patrick joins the likes of Chicago mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Sen. John F. Kerry, and keynote speaker Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio. [Washington Post]

This is One Unsurprising Map of Mitt Romney’s Campaign Stops Since April. Slate plotted Mitt Romney’s campaign calendar onto a Google map, and the results aren’t too shocking: Since April, Romney has held most of his events in battleground states with little-to-no stops in uncontested territory (and pretty much the entire Northwest.) [Slate]

The Latest Place for Advertisements? Toilet Paper. Only in New York. [AP]