Romney Should Not Ask Mayor Menino for a Job Reference

Mayor Tom Menino’s speech to the DNC Wednesday night featured him talking up his city while simultaneously excusing it for producing the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. That little balancing act featured lines like this one:

Mitt likes business-speak. Think of me as a reference check. In Massachusetts, Mitt Romney had the one job in his life that’s closest to being president, and he wasn’t all that good at that.

But our favorite part of a Menino appearance on national TV has to be the reactions of those not yet accustomed to his perpetual game of “Chubby Bunny.” Our Twitter feed featured snarky fact checks like, “There’s an ‘r’ in Charlotte, Menino,” and snarkier zingers like, “When Menino spoke last night at the DNC did the delegates have to wear those UN ear translators?” Whatevah, America. Whatevah.

Watch below: