BPD Won't Rule Out Chance that This Bank Robber Just Had a Large Lunch

Boston Police put out surveillance photos of a woman they say robbed a Citizens Bank in downtown Boston Tuesday, and their physical description, um, leaves out some obvious details. Around midday, the woman walked into the bank and handed the teller a note saying she had a gun and wanted all the money in the drawer, police say. They’ve attached surveillance footage:

Notice something? Here is BPD’s physical description:

The suspect was described as a white female with black hair, about 5’4″ in height, wearing sunglasses, a cream-colored shirt and light blue pants.

And, um, also pregnant?

We are tickled that the BPD is apparently following that universal wisdom that one never preemptively declares a woman pregnant in case she just had a large lunch or she’s looking for a starring role on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” Or maybe the bank robber thought she’d outsmart them by wearing a fake baby bump so police don’t want to knock us off the trail of what is, in fact, a non-pregnant woman, in which case, well-played, BPD. Either way, keep your eyes out, people. [BPD via Boston.com]