Annie Dookhan Called, Emailed Assistant District Attorney George Papachristos

Annie Dookhan Called, Emailed Assistant District Attorney George Papachristos. The communication is a violation of protocol and could add fuel to the fire of throwing out convictions on cases in which Dookhan tested evidence. State Police have ruled out a romantic link between the two.  []

Tuesday’s Earthquake in Maine Registered 4.0 on the Richter Scale. “In terms of [property] damage, we don’t really expect to start seeing significant damage until the magnitude hits about 5” on the Richter scale, Michael Hagerty, manager of the New England Seismic Network at the Weston Observatory, told the Globe. These photos beg to differ.  []

Does This Chalk on the “No Excuses Wear a Helmet” Campaign Go Too Far? One cyclist thinks so, but here’s another who thinks all of this rubbish should be taken down. Immediately.  [via Reddit]

This Week in Boston’s War on Free Booze. BostInno catches up with some of the city’s salon and spa owners, who say they’d like to offer a glass of wine or bubbly to their clientele.  [BostInno]

Man on Boston Flight to Salt Like City Opened Cabin Door Because He Wasn’t Sober. Anatoliy N. Baranovich told authorities that he opened the cabin door upon landing in Salt Lake City because he woke up and thought the plane was on fire. He says the incident followed a 50-day bender in his native Ukraine.  [Herald]