The Behemoth

Harvard’s $30.7 billion endowment is equivalent to…

1. Four years of Harvard tuition, room, board, and fees ($54,496 per year) for every resident of Cambridge (105,000 people) and South Boston (35,000 people).

2. A Neptune lobster roll ($25) for everyone in India (1.2 billion people).

3. A Fenway pavilion box seat ($100) for almost everyone in the U.S. (315 million people).

4. One year of economic output by Vermont ($26.4 billion).

5. A Dreamliner jet ($206.8 million each) for every U.S. senator and Massachusetts state senator.

6. The Patriots (valued at $1.635 billion), Red Sox ($1 billion), Celtics ($730 million), and Bruins ($348 million) franchises, eight times over.


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