Pro Tip: Don’t Use A Flower Pot as an Ashtray

That's what caused the Beacon Street Roof Blaze.

The Boston Fire Department reports that the notable blaze atop a Beacon Street roof Monday came about when someone used a flower pot to dispose of their cigarette. Via Twitter:

The fire itself did an estimated $1 million of damage, reports Universal Hub. (That’s an expensive cigarette.) Based on the photos, that figure’s not so surprising:


Image provided by BPD, via Universal Hub

Flower pots, as it turns out, are often filled, not with soil, but with store-bought organic material that is, in fact, flammable. So careful where you put that thing. Early on, the Fire Department killed speculation that the fire started because of a grill. (That would have made sense, given the weather.) So those of you looking to celebrate the return of spring with a barbecue, rest easy. (Actually, don’t rest easy. Be safe. Just because it didn’t burn up this roof in a fiery blaze …)

Anyway, with that little mystery solved, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming of doing something, anything, outdoors, as we attempt to elegantly exit this post without making a single “roof is on fire” joke. You’re welcome.