Now You Can Smell Like a First Responder

New "Boston" fragrance has hints of smoke and rubber, helping the everyday person smell like a hero.

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If piling on multiple sprays of Axe isn’t your style, a perfume company has managed to bottle a scent reminiscent of firefighters and emergency responders, and they are giving a portion of proceeds from its sales to a fund to benefit them.

Demeter Fragrance Library, which describes itself as a fragrance company with 250 smells that are “inspired by everyday objects and experiences,” is now selling a scent that could certainly be described as “Boston Strong.”

The smell, called “First Response – Boston,” is a mix of both spices and flowers, but also things that can be associated with firefighters and first responders, like white smoke and rubber. “The smoke and rubber elements are to honor Boston’s Firefighters, who with disregard for their own safety, constantly put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of others.  We should never forget the risks they take, and the bravery they demonstrate, each and every day,” the company’s says of the new fragrance, which is on sale in two sizes, ranging from $20 to $39.

Besides throwing hints of a firefighters daily workday into a tiny bottle, Demeter representatives say they are also tossing 75% of proceeds from the fragrance towards the to the Boston First Responders Fund, set up to help the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. The Fund will be administered through the Boston Firefighter’s Credit Union, which is the host site for taking online donations. “At Demeter, we want to do our part, too,” the company said.

Reviews are already in on the fragrance, which users have said is “not for the faint of heart,” and is very “masculine” in nature, but also gives off, “a long lasting fragrance” that they would recommend to their friends.

“Wonderful scent! I love the spice combination with the subtle rubber smell on top of it. It lasts all day long and I get a lot of compliments on it. Most of the comments start by asking what it may be…not flowery, not musky, just very unique,” one customer wrote on the company’s review section of their website.