Woman Suspected of Destroying Globe Delivery Truck is a Boston Herald Dream Villian

Meet Vivencia Bellegarde: a suspected welfare-scamming, voodoo cursing, drunk driver.


The woman suspected of driving under the influence when she ran a Boston Globe delivery truck off the highway in spectacular fashion Monday morning is, it turns out, a caricature of the Boston Herald villain.

As you can see on the horrifying video below, Vivencia Bellegarde was traveling north on I-93 when she struck the truck, pushing it over the guardrail, and sending it on a 40 foot plunge to the exit ramp below. The truck driver, amazingly, is expected to survive. Bellegarde refused a field sobriety test. She has a five page driving record including a previous OUI arrest. This is already outrageous. But wait…

If the Boston Herald publisher were to dig up Charles Dickens and hire him to write a caricature of a Boston Herald reader’s boogeyman, Dickens would probably come up with an unemployed, Cadillac-driving Haitian woman who scams state welfare programs, puts voodoo curses on white people, and has multiple OUI arrests. Now, the Herald has the details of the arrest from a police report and they are, well, exactly that:

“I questioned her as to why she had other peoples (sic) EBT cards and she 
began screaming that I was a ‘dumb (expletive)’ for paying for food when she gets it for free,” trooper William Koko­cinski wrote of Vivencia 
Bellegarde, 25, of Everett, noting she had her own electronic benefits transfer card and also the cards of two other people.

“She repeatedly called me a racist and told me she was from Haiti and she was gonna ‘put voodoo on my white (expletive),’” Kokocinski wrote. “(She) told me to Google her name and find out who I was ‘(expletive) with’. She further explained that her name translated means ‘give life take life’ and she emphasized ‘TAKE LIFE’. She then shouted that she was ‘coming for all you white (expletives).’”

Brazen EBT card scamming, cursing white people … The only way this could get a Herald reader even more foamy at the mouth is if she were somehow an employee of the Patrick administration. That’s not to say it isn’t incensing to all of us. But for the Boston Herald,  which hunts down welfare scams with the fervor of Dwight Shrute, this is just too perfect. (It’s just a bonus that she probably disrupted delivery to several Boston Globe subscribers.) This is your day, Herald. You do you.