And Now Karen Spilka Uses a Photo of Governor Patrick

The race for Markey's seat is marked by mailers with sketchy endorsement implications.

Yesterday, voters in the 5th Congressional district came home to find a mailer from a third party juxtaposing the face of Senator Elizabeth Warren with that of candidate Katherine Clark. Karen Spilka’s campaign was among those taking umbrage at the false implication of support from Warren. Turns out, the Spilka campaign had their own piece in the mail showing their candidate with Governor Deval Patrick—who has also not endorsed in the race.

This one is not nearly as blatant as the Women Vote! mailer, but arguably dances across the same line. As you can see below, it prominently features Spilka at Patrick’s shoulder as the governor signs one of her bills.

“It is not the same at all,” says Spilka campaign manager Eric Hyers. “Their mail was deliberately intended to imply an endorsement of Elizabeth Warren. Nobody can say that this is intended to suggest the support of Deval Patrick.”

The other side of the mailer shows Spilka at her desk, with a photo of her and President Barack Obama clearly visible.

Judge for yourself:

spilka frontspilka back