T-Shaming: Clean Teeth, Jacket Space, And a Prayer

Because sharing photos of strangers with the Internet is the best way to vent sometimes.

When you’re jam-packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, with other passengers on the MBTA, it’s easy to get frustrated as people become unaware of their surroundings, carrying on with daily activities like eating offensive-smelling food or keeping up with their personal hygiene.

And since politely asking another rider to stop whatever annoying thing they’re doing is often too confrontational, the next best thing to do is turn to T-Shaming: taking pictures of the pesky passengers you share space with and letting the Internet know just how horrible they are.

This week, riders were flippant about everything from offensive advertisements pointing at them to donate sperm, to inflatable sharks hogging the airspace inside the Green Line, and the offenders had no clue that they were even a culprit of bad T etiquette.

Take, for example, Tobiwuh, who knows that “good dental hygiene is important, even to inconsiderate dickbags.” A little sarcasm, perhaps? We are scared to think about what he might have done if he actually caught the person flossing.

This rider was a little bit more passive-aggressive about their fellow rider. But rather than merely asking them to readjust their jacket to make room for another person to sit down, they just took a photo instead.

Seat space isn’t the only thing riders hijack during train trips—there’s also airspace. “I have had it with these motherf’in sharks on this motherf’in T!,” writes @MBTAEncounters. At least they were kind enough to spare them the shame of having their face plastered in the Twittersphere.

Photo via @MBTAEncounters

Photo via @MBTAEncounters

It’s not just people with bad habits that can get caught up in the public shaming. Those with bad attire are also at risk of being exposed by their fellow riders. @RafaDelfin didn’t take too kindly to the mustard-colored “curtain” someone decided to wear to work.

Some people read, some people draw, and some people try and find peace of mind while crammed between people who read and draw. Maybe he is praying that his train won’t be delayed. Either way, ClearTurmoil “caught” him.


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