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So You Want to Live in Beacon Hill?

1. Pick Your Price Point With the median sale price hovering around $2 million, Beacon Hill runs neck and neck with the Back Bay as […]

City Life

21 Ways to Fix the MBTA Now

1. More Free Buses Kim Janey, former Boston mayor and current president and CEO, Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) The T is a public good. We […]

City Life

Jon Keller’s Nine Big, Shiny, Happy Ideas for the New Governor

It’s been called “the best movie yet done about politics,” and 50 years after its release, one line from The Candidate still resonates. A political […]

City Life

How to Get Around without the Orange Line During the Shutdown

Here it comes, folks: The big one. An unprecedented shutdown of the entire Orange Line is just around the corner, set to kick in on […]

diving woman
City Life

Why Are We So Obsessed with the Orange Line Bridge Diver?

In the midst of an unusually eye-catching story about an MBTA mishap on the Orange Line this week, there was a lot to take in: […]

City Life

Fire and Smoke Led to Chaos on the Orange Line Once Again

This time, the MBTA has really outdone itself. A fiery eruption on the Orange Line in Somerville, which saw some 200 passengers flee a smoke-bathed […]

City Life

So Begins Another Chapter in an Extraordinarily Bad Era for the MBTA

To keep a close eye on the ways in which traveling on the T has gotten more difficult this year, it takes some serious stamina. […]

City Life

Yeah, Maybe the MBTA Needs Some Help from the Feds

It’s the transit news heard around Boston and beyond: The feds have heard enough, and are launching an investigation into safety protocols at the MBTA. […]

City Life

Happy Green Line Extension Day, Everyone!

If the city’s most enthusiastic commuters had it their way, Boston would once again be swarmed with revelers decked out in green today. And no, […]

City Life

Five Things That Will Probably Happen Before the Green Line Extension Finally Opens

The word has just come through: The opening of the Green Line Extension has been pushed back, again. If you think you might have heard […]

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City Life

Gotta Go? Here’s a Graded Guide to the MBTA’s Restrooms

While on an MBTA Red Line trip recently, I faced a not infrequent commuter dilemma: Nature was urgently calling, and there I was with no […]

City Life

What Would It Take for Boston to Become a Car-Free City?

In late May, three dozen people gathered online to ponder post-pandemic life in Boston. There were hospital workers, nannies, software developers, biotech researchers, analysts, and […]

City Life

Want to Get People Back on the MBTA? Make It More Fun

In so many ways, Boston is back. The MBTA, however, is not. Ridership has yet to return to anything close to pre-pandemic levels, a fact […]

City Life

Big Shoutout to the Gamer Playing Call of Duty on the Red Line on the Fourth of July

Gamers of Boston, it’s time to step up your… game. If you’ve been whiling away your time on public transportation with puny handheld devices—rounds of […]

City Life

Behold the Beauty of the Red-Blue Connector, and Pay for It Already

Remember the Big Dig? The years-long ordeal that cut a gash through the middle of Boston, and saw costs and deadlines spiral interminably? Of course […]