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City Life

Things We Never Thought We’d Miss about Taking the T

It’s just another day on the T. A loud screech at Boylston that makes your face scrunch up. The smell of something you can’t describe. […]

City Life

What You Need to Know If You’re Commuting to Work Again

By Car The bad news: After a year of easy, breezy commutes for those still working in the city, traffic is gradually starting to inch […]

City Life

“Hostile Architecture” Is Everywhere in Boston, if You Know Where to Look

Never heard of “hostile architecture?” You will soon. An increasingly vocal group of activists is pushing major cities like Boston to be more aware of […]

City Life

A Brief History of the $100,000 MassDOT Toilet

In this time of transition for MassDOT, as officials weigh budgets in the region’s post-COVID future, and Secretary Stephanie Pollack departs the state and settles […]

City Life

See What the MBTA Thinks about Our Story about Workers Not Wearing Masks

Several weeks ago, I wrote an account of my experience asking several MBTA workers why they weren’t wearing required masks on the job. Afterward, I […]

City Life

It’s Never Been More Clear: Fare Hikes Won’t Save the MBTA

The MBTA has a serious budget issue on its hands. With so many would-be commuters working from their living rooms, ridership on public transit around […]

green line park street station
City Life

Want to Know Why Some T Workers Aren’t Wearing Face Masks?

As we find ourselves deep into the sixth month of the pandemic, several newfound staples of etiquette, good sense, and lawful health and safety requirements […]

City Life

Traffic Plummeted During the Pandemic. Boston Should Keep It That Way

One of the eeriest parts of the pandemic has been the vacant streets of cities across the globe, as traffic disappeared while people stayed home. […]

boston traffic
City Life

I Hate Cars, but Thanks to COVID I’m Buying One

I have a confession to make: I’m buying a car. When I moved into Boston proper five years ago, my wife and I couldn’t have […]

City Life

As Things Got Ugly, Protesters Trying to Flee Downtown Boston found MBTA Stops Closed

As a by and large peaceful protest spiraled into chaos last night, police closed in and issued dire warnings. “Peaceful protestors along Tremont Street are […]

City Life

The MBTA Will Pay More than $900 Million for a More Efficient Way to Collect Your Money

Here at the end of the world, collecting fares on the MBTA has got to be one of the state’s lowest priorities. T stops are […]

City Life

The Long Way Home: Confronting My Identity on the MBTA

The question started making the rounds a few years ago, sometimes whispered in my ear, other times asked outright in large gatherings: “Has it happened […]

City Life

Why Do We Need the Bowdoin Stop, Anyway?

The Bowdoin stop at end of the Blue Line might as well be the end of the earth. When I visit at 8:30 a.m. on […]

red line train
Home & Property

This MBTA Map Tells You Which Are the Cheapest T Stops to Live By

We all know the typical tricks for knocking a few dollars off our rents: Bunk up with roommates, go for a place that hasn’t seen […]

City Life

Living near the Green Line Extension Is Hell

It won’t be long before everyone wants to live in East Cambridge. This quiet, quirky corner of the city has long been overlooked, but that’s […]