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No One Bid for the MBTA’s Late-Night Bus Pilot

Well, this is not good: The MBTA’s request for bids to run a pilot of a new late-night bus service, which is supposed to launch […]


MBTA Publicizes Delay Times on Twitter

Say farewell to the days of rage tweeting about what the heck qualifies as a “minor delay” on the Red Line. The MBTA took a small […]


It’s Time to Replace the Commuter Rail with an All-Electric “Regional Rail,” Transit Activists Say

Let’s face it. Nobody loves the commuter rail right now. It keeps thousands of people heading into Boston off the road every day, which is good […]

Cars in gridlock

Massachusetts Drivers Don’t Want to Pay Higher Tolls, Admit Infrastructure Is Failing

In an unsurprising non-twist, Massachusetts drivers are not speeding toward the chance to pay higher tolls. Despite the gridlock that paralyzes the Hub’s streets during rush […]


A Halloween Attack on an MBTA Employee Was a Hoax, Officials Say

A spooky Halloween attack on an MBTA trolley operator in 2016—which sparked a search for a suspect dressed up like the horror movie character Michael […]


The Red Line “Basically Exploded” This Morning

It was a smoky and, for some, scary situation on the MBTA Red Line Wednesday morning after a brief derailment at Andrew Station led to smashed windows, severe […]

The green line rolls in

The MBTA Might Consider Fare Hikes to Combat Budget Deficit

The MBTA is once again contemplating the possibility of fare hikes as a way to manage a ballooning budget deficit. On Monday, MBTA officials projected the […]


Preservationists Push Back on Plan for Video Ad Screens atop MBTA Stops

We’re several years into a plan to squeeze digital advertising dollars out of all the real estate controlled by the MBTA. Odds are, you saw a […]

Tram on the MBTA Ashmont-Mattapan line.

MBTA Driver Responsible for Crash Had Cell Phone, Gun on Board

The MBTA driver responsible for a Mattapan trolley crash that left 17 passengers injured in late December was on his cell phone at the time […]


Orange Line Train Drops Ceiling Panel Mid-Route on MBTA Riders

You never know what you’re gonna get on the MBTA, and when it comes to surprises on the commute, the Orange Line continues to deliver. […]


The MBTA Is Moving Forward with Late Night Buses

Boston, it looks like we have another shot at making late-night public transportation work. After a series of failed experiments, the MBTA is back at […]


Some Advice for MBTA General Manager Luis Ramirez after His Bad Day on Twitter

Faced with his first bout of extreme winter weather at the helm of the MBTA, the system’s new general manager Luis Ramírez definitely had his […]

A commuter rail train pulls into a station

Commuter Rail Service on Newburyport/Rockport Line Canceled

Slush was a beautiful sight for commuters’ ice- and snow-weary eyes Tuesday morning, as January’s temperatures finally climbed back to habitable levels. But five whole […]


A Kingston Commuter Rail Train Hit a Truck in Weymouth

Commuter rail service was disrupted Monday morning on the Kingston line after a train collided with a truck on the tracks in Weymouth. No one […]

The snowy Aquarium stop

The Aquarium Station Is Back Open after Flooding

The MBTA probably didn’t intend for the Aquarium station to turn into an actual marine habitat when it was named, but thanks to the flooding that […]