Someone Bought David Ortiz’s Old Beard Hairs for Over $10,000

Gillette auctioned them off for charity.


David Ortiz’s “Beardball” trophy, via Ebay

The bids are in, and one lucky buyer is going home with a ball of David Ortiz’s facial hair clippings for just $10,877.77.  Yes, a real human person spent a lot of real U.S. money to purchase some hair that once grew out of David Ortiz’s face.

Why? Well, shortly after Shane Victorino and David Ortiz sheared their famed beards as part of a Gillette fundraiser, the company teamed up with the Movember charity to auction off “beardball trophies.”  “I love the Red Sox and all, but who wants a ball of David Ortiz’s hair sitting on their bookshelf?” you may have thought. Many people, as it turns out. Victorino’s trophy received 127 bids and went for $3,750.59. Ortiz’s received 132 bids and went for over $10,000.

So … congrats to the lucky bidders. Enjoy your voodoo or your weird cloning experiments or whatever it is you plan to do with your winnings. Meanwhile, the Movember Foundation has almost $14,000 to put toward men’s health. So at least there’s that.