Martyland: Help Boston’s New Mayor Navigate His First Year in Office!

In the game of life, Marty Walsh just won big. Now he’s heading into the unknown.


The New Guy: Mayor Marty Walsh, photographed December 5, 2013, at the Four Seasons. (Photograph by Jason Grow. Hair and makeup styling by Maryelle O’Rourke/Team.)

We’re entering uncharted territory together, Marty Walsh and us. He’s never been mayor before, and—well, we can’t quite remember what it’s like to have someone in office who’s not Menino. But the coming year holds some certain challenges for Hizzoner: Not only will he be expected to follow through on his campaign proposal to raze the unrazeable concrete warren known as City Hall, he’ll also have to choose a suitably diverse cabinet, preside over the marathon, placate the unions, and petition the State House for funds—all while keeping the streets plowed. Can you help him make his way safely through to next January?

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Illustration by Ryan Heshka