Gravel Truck Crashes Through Guardrail, Lands in Dorchester Bay

The truck spilled more than 50 gallons of fuel into the water.

Photo via Mass. State Police

Photo via Mass. State Police

A hazmat team was called to the side of the highway Monday after a gravel truck careened off of Interstate 93, crashed through the guardrail, landed in the Dorchester Bay, and spilled fluid into the water.

According to officials from the Boston Fire Department, the driver of the gravel truck was able to get out of the vehicle, and was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries. The crash happened around 10 a.m.

The truck landed on its side after skidding down the embankment leading into the bay. Because the brake and other fluids were spilling into the water, a hazmat team was called to the scene of the accident. The crash also prompted a response from boats dispatched by both Boston and State police units.

Most of the gravel contained in the back of the truck landed along the embankment of the Dorchester Bay, located by the large gas tank that’s visible along 93.

Boston Fire Department officials said the scene would be “active for a while” as crews investigated and tried to clean up the fuel that was leaking into the water. At first, officials estimated that around 50 gallons of fuel was dumped into the bay. They later said the diesel fuel did not contaminate the water, however. A few “heavy duty” tow trucks were on scene to help pull the vehicle out of the water.

State Police said major traffic delays should be expected for a good portion of the day.