Five Things: Necco Sweetheart Sayings That Did Not Last

Invented in Boston and still locally made, Necco Sweethearts have helped lovers express their feelings in three-word-or-less phrases for 148 years. Some sayings, however, couldn’t keep up with the times.


Candy hearts photo via Shutterstock

My, Such Eyes

The candies of yesteryear also featured such phrases as the long-since-discontinued classic “You Are Gay.”

Fax Me

Necco has kept up with technology—from faxes to email to Twitter.

Chill Out

An “eco” campaign, with phrases such as “Heat Wave” and “Cloud 9,” probably raised zero awareness about global climate change.


The brand vamped it up with an all-Twilight-themed series, including hearts that read “Live 4 Ever” and “Bite Me.” Yes, that happened.

Occupy My <3

The Occupy movement may have fizzled, but it’s apparently still relevant to Necco. Will this one survive into 2015? Anyone’s guess.