Time for a Statewide Primary Prediction Contest!

Earn some bragging rights by submitting your ranking below.

With one week until the Massachusetts primary, here’s your chance to take a shot at predicting the results in the statewide Democratic contests. The winner will receive bragging rights, and maybe possibly a new nickname on social media.

Your challenge: predict the order, from most to least votes received, of the candidates in the four competitive Democratic primaries. That is, total number of votes—regardless of what race they’re in—with 1 being the highest total and 11 being the lowest.

Here, for example and historical precedent, is the number of votes received by the candidates in the two competitive Democratic primary contests in 2006:

1. Deval Patrick (Gov): 452,229

2. Tim Murray (Lt. Gov.): 351,009

3. Deb Goldberg (Lt. Gov.): 279,771

4. Chris Gabriele (Gov.): 248,301

5. Tom Reilly (Gov.): 211,031

6. Andrea Silbert (Lt. Gov.): 191,638

In 2002, with three competitive races, the order was 1. Gabrieli (Lt. Gov.); 2. Shannon O’Brien (Gov.); 3. Tim Cahill (Treas.); 4. Lois Pines (Lt. Gov.); 5. Robert Reich (Gov.); 6. Tom Birmingham (Gov.); 7. James Segel (Treas.); 8. John Slattery (Lt. Gov.); 9. Steve Murphy (Treas.); 10. Steve Warren [corrected] Tolman (Gov.); and 11. Michael Cahill (Treas.).

There’s a lot to consider, including the likelihood of voters leaving the down-ballot races blank (usually between 10 and 15 percent).

The scoring: 10 points for every candidate in the correct position; 5 points for each candidate off by one position in either direction; 2 points for each candidate off by two positions. A perfect ranking would have 110 points.

Your picks MUST be received by 5 p.m. Friday, September 5, received via the form below. Good luck!