That MassDOT ‘Wicked Big Stawm’ Sign Isn’t Real, Folks


A PSA for everyone who remains hysterical about all things surrounding The Great Blizzard of 2015: that sign pictured on I-93 allegedly powered by MassDOT reading “Wicked Big Stawm Comin'” is not, in fact, real. The wicked big storm coming, however, is very much real. Sorry.

As soon as we saw the photograph of the sign circling social media, we confirmed with a MassDOT rep Michael Verseckes. MassDOT was behind all those safety slogan signs that appeared on highways last summer including “Use Yah Blinkah.”

He told us, “We’re not for this one…Sorry if that’s a letdown…”

Bummer. But we should have known considering it’s an expected and therefore lame phrase. And we all know “stawm” is more New York than Boston, anyway. A more convincing sign would have said something like “Stay the F*hk Home” or “If Yah Readin’ This, Youah a Gonah.”

More importantly, remember to stay tuned with our definitive list of snow updates, cancelations, and other storm info here. The blizzahd’s comin’.