The New York Times Apparently Doesn’t Know What Tom Brady Looks Like

He's not in enough photos, probably.

tom brady NYT

Jason Schwartz / Twitter

Yes, go ahead and laugh if you must.

The New York Times put out a cool illustrative article over the weekend featuring Lord of the Footballs himself, Tom Brady. The write-up, titled “The Hidden Money Buying Condos at the Time Warner Center,” is really intelligent and interactive (very New York Times-esque), but the drawing of our quarterback is looking a little, well, botched.

The illustration above resembles Brady maybe slightly, but includes a thick beard and an odd combover that we’ve never seen before. It almost looks like Chris Evans’s features were drawn on Tom Brady’s face. It looks like he’s more Boloco than, say, plate of almonds or avocado ice cream. A better version of the drawing can be found in the digital article here.

It’s odd, though, because the artist, Michael Hoeweler, is a fantastic and accurate drawer. He’s done probably thousands of other portraits, as displayed in his portfolio, and none of them look as crazily skewed as this one.

So is it possible that The New York Times, arguably the most prestigious media source in the land, truly doesn’t know what Tom Brady looks like? Is Brady, established actor and Master of the Pike, really not displaying his high cheekbones and baby blues to his utmost potential? Both great questions, ones without clear answers.

Ultimately, while we can agree to forgive a guy for failing to recognize Vince Wilfork, not being able to identify Tom Brady is basically sacrilege. Get on America’s level, NYT.

[h/t Jason Schwartz / Twitter]