Red Sox Fans Have Better Grammar Than Yankees Fans

But it still isn't very good.



On the field, the 2015 Boston Red Sox have made 42 errors in 71 games. On the Internet, their fans make an average of nine mistakes per 100 words.

Back in April, The Wall Street Journal teamed up with automated proofreading service Grammarly to find which NFL fan bases have the most tenuous grasps on the English language. New England Patriots fans, as the study revealed, ranked among the worst in grammar and spelling. With summer in full swing, the two have joined forces again and turned their attention to baseball.

In May, Grammarly analyzed the top 150 comments on all 30 MLB teams’ official sites for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. They sifted through more than 10,000 words per team and compiled rankings based on errors per 100 words.

Image via Grammarly

Image via Grammarly

Cleveland Indians fans take top honors with just 3.6 errors, while sad, hapless New York Mets fans occupy the basement of the standings, a place they know all too well. Red Sox fans rank 20th, or tenth worst, with 9.3 errors. On the bright side, Yankees fans make nearly three more errors per 100 words, good for fifth worst in the league. The National League narrowly bested the American League by half an error.