Major Change at America’s Test Kitchen

The popular cooking empire is making a move that could change the company.

Christopher Kimball on set at America's Test Kitchen BY Scott Mindeaux ON FLICKR/CREATIVE COMMONS

Christopher Kimball on set at America’s Test Kitchen BY Scott Mindeaux ON FLICKR/CREATIVE COMMONS

There’s a new sheriff in town at America’s Test Kitchen.

David Nussbaum is leaving his position as CEO of F+W Media to become the first ever CEO of America’s Test Kitchen. Nussbaum has served on the board of America’s Test Kitchen’s parent company, Boston Common Press, since July.

America’s Test Kitchen founder Christopher Kimball will stay on at the company as the face of its TV and radio programs as well as the editor of Cook’s Illustrated. Kimball started what would become America’s Test Kitchen in Connecticut in 1980. America’s Test Kitchen, or as fans call it, ATK, has been a part of the cooking television landscape since 2001 when the show began broadcasting on PBS.

Kimball just completed filming the ninth season of ATK’s Cook’s Country in Rupert, Vermont.

A spokeswoman for ATK denied rumors that Nussbaum’s arrival as CEO is indicative of Kimball’s imminent departure.

“No truth at all,” said Deborah Broide, spokeswoman for ATK.

Kimball is due back at ATK’s offices on Wednesday and according to Broide his role at the company is not changing.

Jim Ogle is expected to fill-in for Nussbaum as interim CEO at F+W Media when he joins ATK.

According to a release, Nussbaum is moving into the new CEO role to oversee ATK’s recent growth.

“The popularity and financial growth of America’s Test Kitchen and our related enterprises over the past few years have prompted us to formally create the role of CEO,” said Eliot Wadsworth, a managing Partner and Director of Boston Common Press in statement.

In addition to becoming CEO at ATK, Nussbaum is now the chairman of the company’s board.

“I have been excited about the opportunities at America’s Test Kitchen since I joined the Board in July, particularly in terms of expanding our product portfolio and assisting the team in taking full advantage of all the new media opportunities that exist,” said Nussbaum in a statement.

Nussbaum will officially move into his role as CEO at ATK in October.

ATK is headquartered in Brookline where it produces its television and radio at a 2,500 square foot studio.