Government Center T Station Will Finally Reopen March 26

No more schlepping to Faneuil Hall from Park Street.

Courtesy MBTA

Courtesy MBTA

The Government Center T station will reopen March 26, following nearly two years of renovation.

MBTA general manager Frank DePaola announced the opening date in an interview with Comcast Newsmakers posted online Monday, as first reported by Adam Vaccaro.

The MBTA station closed in 2014 for improvements. Though the $82 million project hit a brief snag when it was discovered that the glass installed in the sleek new structure fogged too easily, it’s still expected to finish both on schedule and on budget. (The panels were replaced without any additional cost to the taxpayer.)

“We feel that, even though there was an inconvenience for having the station unavailable for that period in time, it allowed us to get the station done in a relatively short schedule, where we would’ve been in there for several more years if we had to do it and keep access to our passengers,” DePaola said on the program.

Days before last Halloween, construction workers found two ghoulish masks in a “a small, hollow section of concrete that was poured more than sixty years ago.” When asked if the discovery was a hoax, MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo replied, “Real.”

The MBTA auctioned off several of the 1970s-era Government Center station murals in November. Boston caught up with some of the buyers, including Sylvia Richards of New Hampshire. “It’s not only quite large, but I need to see how much residual ‘T’ smell it emits before I commit it to a location,” she said.