Was Tuukka Rask ‘Sick’ Eating Buffalo Wings After the Bruins Got Eliminated?

No. But get ready for a long offseason.

The Bruins were eliminated from playoff contention this week, thanks to a one-two punch of an embarrassing 6-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators, and the Philadelphia Flyers snatching the remaining wild card slot in a must-win game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Absent from the contest was B’s goaltender Tuukka Rask, who was sidelined with an undisclosed illness. Instead, backup Jonas Gustavsson was between the pipes for Boston.

Characteristic of a fan-base so thoroughly undeserving of one the world’s most elite goaltenders, some Bruins fans began questioning Rask’s willingness to compete, in spite of whatever injury or illness he had, with the 2015-16 season on the line. Sure to stoke this bonfire of idiocy is this tweet from Fox Sports personality and Framingham native Katie Nolan.


Nolan says her mother, a former bartender from Newton, posted in a Facebook status, in which she alleges “on good authority” that Rask was eating hot wings at Buff’s Pub in Newton Corner around 10 p.m. “Doesn’t exactly sound like comfort food for a sick guy,” she said. (For what it’s worth, the buffalo wings at Buff’s Pub are a recurring point of praise on the restaurant’s Yelp page.)

CSNNE’s DJ Bean did his journalistic due-dilligence, and determined that Rask, though a frequent visitor to Buff’s Pub, was not there Saturday night.


Regardless, get ready for interminable offseason filled with just the worst Bruins talk imaginable. Coach Claude Julien, the winningest in franchise history, is rumored to be the fall guy for an utter disappointment of a season, despite freshman general manager Don Sweeney and president Cam Neely’s fingerprints all over it. On top of that, now we’ll have six months of Felger & Mazz callers making diarrhea jokes.

Still, Rask’s alleged hot wing run is hardly the saddest thing a member of this team has done in recent years after the curtain’s closed on a season. (Remember Zdeno Chara’s rooster ride at Canobie Lake after the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals?)