MSPCA Has More Goats Than It Knows What to Do With

Need a goat? How about 46 goats?

Photo via iStock/Carosch

Photo via iStock/Carosch

Goats are majestic creatures. The Merrimack Valley knows that better than anyone.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has recently come into possession of 46 goats after a farmer in Western Mass. surrendered them to the group’s Nevins Farm facility in Methuen.

“It’s definitely one of the largest goat surrenders we’ve ever managed,” barn manager Gia Barss said in a statement. The MSPCA has already received more than 200 e-mails and phone calls from interested goat-lovers, prompting a first-of-its-kind “meet-and-greet” between the prospective adopters and the caprine crowd this Saturday.

The goats, described as “an assembly of alpine, pygmy, and Angora mixes,” are recovering from coccidia, a contagious bacterial infection, as well as parasites, neither of which are all too uncommon when a herd gets out of control. Barss said the goats are socialized and friendly, and in need of a good home.

Many of the goats are pregnant, which means 46 will soon become many, many more goats. To adopt your own, or two, or five, submit an application at Saturday’s event, at 400 Broadway in Methuen.