Comedian Jim Breuer Says He Met the Deflategate Ball Boy in Mexico

Breuer says John Jastremski is upset with the way the Patriots have treated him in the aftermath of the Brady scandal.

Jim Breuer

Image via YouTube

For the last year-and-a-half, nobody has been able to track down Patriots ball boy John Jastremski, who’s at the center of the Deflategate saga. That is, apparently except for comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jim Breuer.

In a recent video interview with Sports Illustrated, Breuer says he ran into Jastremski at a resort in Mexico last winter while he was performing at the Just for Laughs festival in Cancun. According to Breuer, Jastremski approached him in the gym while he was watching Deflategate coverage on television. Breuer says Jastremski introduced himself as the “Deflategate guy” and went on to rip the Patriots organization for how he’s been treated in the aftermath of the scandal.

Breuer says Jastremski refused to throw Tom Brady under the bus and didn’t say whether he deflated any footballs. But Jastremski did apparently have some choice words for the Patriots organization, saying the team is “holding him down” and won’t let him speak to the press.

There are a couple of inconsistencies in Breuer’s story. He told SI he met Jastremski in January, but the comedy festival took place in November. In an interview with Toucher & Rich Thursday, Brauer also said Jastremski told him he was jobless, which doesn’t jive with the report that the NFL reinstated him last September after the Patriots suspended him for his alleged involvement in the saga.

“[Jastremski] said [he and his wife] were getting death threats, the Patriots fired him, said they were going to take care of him,” Breuer said. “I remember he said he was waiting for them to get back to him soon, but every time they say that, they don’t do anything about it. He’s jobless. They said they were going to take care of them. He kept saying, ‘Tom Brady was my guy, he has always been so good to me.’”

After originally failing to identify Jastremski from his official team picture—Breuer was able to recognize an updated photo—he read an email that Jastremski supposedly sent to him after their alleged meeting.

Boston was unable to confirm that Jastremski stayed at the Royalton Riviera Cancun, where the comedy festival was taking place, last November.