Bill Would Allow Bystanders to Free Pets Locked in Hot Cars

The Massachusetts Senate unanimously approved the bill.

dog in car

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Local legislators are taking a few steps to help our furry friends.

According to the Associated Press, the Massachusetts Senate unanimously approved a bill on Tuesday that would allow bystanders to break a car’s window in order to rescue a pet locked in a hot car.

The bill has provisions in place so that people don’t go around smashing windows on a whim. First, the passer-by would have to see if the car’s doors are locked as well as make a quick effort to locate law enforcement. He or she would then be required to call 911 to inform the proper authorities of the rescue plan.

Breaking windows to free a distressed pet would only be allowed as a last resort, and bystanders would have to stay with the animal until first responders reach the scene.

Animal control officers, police, and firefighters would also receive the same ability to enter a hot car in order to rescue an animal under the bill, as long as they make “reasonable efforts” to find the owner of the car.

The Senate approved another pet related bill on Tuesday that would regulate commercial breeders, commonly called “puppy mills,” and also ban the sale of puppies and kittens under eight weeks old.

The bills are now be heading to the House of Representatives.