Pilot Captures Amazing Photos of White Shark Chasing a Cape Cod Seal

It happened off the shores of the Nauset Inlet.

Summer is in full swing in Massachusetts, which means it’s that time of year again when all kinds of aquatic creatures start showing up around the shores of Cape Cod.

Instead of spotting a friendly, old orca or seals sunbathing on a beach, the latest sighting involves a pretty amazing chase between a white shark and a seal.

The incident, which occurred near the Nauset Inlet on Wednesday, was captured on camera by spotter pilot Wayne Davis, who posted his amazing photos of the chase on the Facebook page for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

Like a scene ripped out of an Animal Planet special, the shark went after the seal close to shore, but miraculously the mammal was able to get away, according to a description on social media. Davis wrote in the comment section that the seal escaped thanks to the water being too shallow for the shark to swim in, which forced the predator to turn around and swim away.

“The seal was within inches of being brunch,” Davis wrote.

Perhaps the lucky seal saw the new Finding Nemo sequel and channeled its inner Dory by deciding to “just keep swimming.”

Check out a few amazing photos of the chase below.