Luxury Condos in Seaport to Begin DNA Testing Dog Poop

So it's come to this.

Photo via iStock/KrystynaTaran

Photo via iStock/KrystynaTaran

A luxury condo tower in Fort Point has taken the nuclear option to solve its apparent problem with improperly curbed pooches.

The management at 315 on A, which opened in 2014, is requiring all incoming tenants to subject their dogs to DNA testing. If any errant excrement is found, tested, and matched to a dog in the building, their owner will face a $110 fine.

“I think DNA testing’s going a little bit too far, but I think it’s an issue,” neighbor Peter Broderick told WCVB. “It’s all over the sidewalk, and people aren’t taking care of their pets. If there’s a way to keep people response for that, maybe that’s okay.”

The luxury condos’ current dog policy prohibits pit bulls, Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, American Staffordshire terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, bull terriers, and American bulldogs. (English bulldogs are fine.) The section of Boston’s municipal code regarding “dog fouling” stipulates a fine of $50 for each occurrence.

In 2015, tenants at 315 on A were embroiled in a bitter, albeit brief, feud with Equity Residential, the management company, over 24/7 access to the luxury tower’s “SkyLounge,” threatening to #OccupySkyLounge.

“I request that you return the SkyLounge to 24/7 access, effective immediately,” one email obtained by DigBoston read. “I will be ‘sitting in’ the SkyLounge this evening as the clock ticks past our new 12 a.m. curfew. As usual, I will not bother anyone while I am there. Be warned though, my puppy may offer you a kiss as I’m carried out in shackles by your newly appointed deputies.”

Available one-bedroom apartments at 315 on A start at $2,785.