Tiffany Trump Isn’t Going to Harvard

She is reportedly going to law school at Georgetown in the fall.

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Update, May 8, 2017: Sorry, Harvard. Looks like Tiffany Trump is going to Georgetown in Washington, D.C., according to The Daily Mail

Earlier: While the rest of her family is readying to move to the White House or start taking the reins of the family business,  Tiffany Trump appears to be mulling over studying at Harvard. The president-elect’s daughter, who just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, was spotted touring the university’s law school on Tuesday, per Politico.

She hasn’t confirmed publicly that she was there, nor will Harvard.

But it would make sense. The 23-year-old, second-youngest and least high profile of Trump’s children, has been public about wanting to seek a law degree after leaving UPenn, her dad’s alma mater, where she majored in sociology and urban studies. She took her LSAT test on Saturday, according to the site Above the Law.

Trump, the only child Donald Trump had with ex-wife Marla Maples, largely stayed out of the public eye while her older half-siblings made headlines campaigning for and with their dad, and then helping assemble his administration. A New York Times profile of Tiffany Trump from October had this succinct headline: “The Other Trump.”

Tiffany hasn’t ignored the spotlight completely, though. At 17, she recorded a pop song called “Like a Bird.” She walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in February. She also stumped for her dad at the Republican National Convention.

Previously, she interned at both Vogue and the eyeglasses company Warby Parker, in its communications department.

If she does decide to pursue her degree in Cambridge, she won’t be the only presidential descendant to do so. Barack Obama’s daughter Malia, an aspiring filmmaker, is attending Harvard in the fall as an undergrad.

She will also have something in common with her father’s inner circle, which includes a conspicuous number of Harvard alums, among them chief strategist Steve Bannon, the Harvard Business School graduate former Breitbart dark overlord. Bannon, who made his living stoking white rage on the Internet before entering politics, inspired protest when he planned to visit Harvard for a election post-mortem in November. A crowd of more than a thousand planned to demonstrate on campus. He cancelled the trip.